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Higher whole-farm yield potential
Mycogen® brand corn hybrids with SmartStax® provide higher whole-farm yield potential by reducing the above- and below-ground refuge requirement from 20 percent down to 5 percent.1 SmartStax allows growers to protect more acres from damage caused by corn insects, including European corn borer, corn rootworm, corn earworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm and black cutworm, through multiple modes of action.
SmartStax also is available in a single-bag refuge solution with Dow AgroSciences Refuge Advanced® powered by SmartStax.2
Watch videos of customers who had success with Mycogen brand hybrids with SmartStax®.
Mycogen brand hybrids with SmartStax also brought value to these customers.
Harvey Reed, Lewisville, Minn.
Max Schmucker, Nappanee, Ind.
Nathan Burbrink, North Vernon, Ind.
1In cotton-growing regions, refuge requirements are reduced from 50 percent to 20 percent.
2In cotton-growing regions, a separate 20 percent structured refuge is still required for Refuge Advanced.
Value calculator for SmartStax
Reduced refuge
Growers can plant Mycogen brand corn hybrids with SmartStax on 95 percent of their acres. That means more protection on more acres. The value calculator for SmartStax shows the potential economic benefits of planting hybrids with SmartStax.
Hybrids with SmartStax demonstrated an average yield advantage of 11 bushels per acre compared with non-Bt hybrids under minimal insect pressure, based on yield studies in multiple states.
Broadest-spectrum corn insect control
Broadest spectrum of insect protection
Mycogen brand corn hybrids with SmartStax® offer the broadest-spectrum corn insect control ever available — including European corn borer, corn rootworm, corn earworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm and black cutworm.
Multiple modes of action
Multiple modes of action
The multiple modes of action in SmartStax are expressed throughout the entire plant. With SmartStax technology, insects are affected in two areas of the midgut instead of just one for improved control and reduced insect resistance concerns. First-generation traits offer only a single mode of action.
Latest plant genetics
Latest corn genetics
Developed in our state-of-the-art breeding facilities, Mycogen brand corn hybrids with SmartStax use proven, high-yielding genetics.
Dow AgroSciences innovation
Dow AgroSciences innovation
As a co-developer of SmartStax and the company backing Mycogen Seeds, Dow AgroSciences has a long history of developing scientific solutions to increase yield. In 1988, Dow AgroSciences discovered the first Herculex® Insect Protection gene — one of the key technologies contained in Mycogen brand corn hybrids with SmartStax®. Dow AgroSciences and Mycogen Seeds continue to develop corn trait innovations, including a combination of Cry1A105 + Cry2Ab2 + Cry1F to provide broad-spectrum above-ground insect control.
SmartStax® — Mycogen Seeds
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