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Sales Rep: Joe Emanuele 724-261-9115
Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: Bill Sutliff 717-448-0612
Ashburn, VA (20146)

Increase the possibilities for your dairy to profit, by feeding Mycogen® brand BMR corn silage:


Bred for maximum digestibility, high milk production and yield:

  • Brown midrib (BMR) — a naturally occurring gene mutation
  • Less lignin in the cornstalk — higher fiber digestibility
  • Higher digestibility — greater dry matter intake (DMI) and more milk


Select high-performing Mycogen® brand BMR corn silage seed:

  • Improved corn silage yield and standability compared with first-generation BMR hybrids
  • The latest traits technologies, including the convenience of SmartStax®​ Refuge Advanced® 


Advice for growing, harvesting and feeding brown midrib silage:

Expert Mycogen Seeds agronomists and nutritionists can help you:

Proven bm3 mutation:

  • All our BMR corn hybrids contain the naturally occurring bm3 gene mutation
  • The bm3 gene is proven to have the lowest lignin and highest digestibility of all BMR gene mutations


Get the truth about BMR.

BMR Competition Table 
Comparison of BMR corn and conventional cornstalks 
Lower lignin content in BMR corn stalks (bottom) means higher digestibility. All Mycogen® brand BMR corn hybrids contain the proven bm3 gene mutation.
BMR Overview - Mycogen Seeds
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