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Mycogen Seeds Adds 37 New Grain Corn Hybrids for 2014
INDIANAPOLIS — Aug. 26, 2013 — Mycogen Seeds is introducing 37 new grain corn hybrids for the 2014 growing season, including 15 featuring REFUGE ADVANCED® powered by SmartStax®
“We are excited to offer growers new hybrids that contain our proprietary genetics and industry-leading technologies,” says Hank King, U.S. corn marketing leader for Mycogen Seeds. “We continue to invest heavily in research and development and extensive testing to select the very best corn hybrids with competitive performance and agronomic characteristics that our customers demand.”
Featured new grain corn hybrids
2V357 is a 93-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid with strong early season emergence for cool, wet soil conditions. It has consistent semi-flex ears, which support variable plant destinies and consistent yield performance.
2K395 is a 94-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid with excellent root strength for poorly drained or compacted soil conditions. 2K395 has very good drought tolerance, yield stability and late-season health.
2Y479 is a 98-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid with consistently high yields at medium to high populations. 2Y479 has great agronomic versatility on variable soil types, tillage practices and crop rotations.
2A509 is a 101-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid that offers outstanding yields and superior agronomics. 2A509 is an attractive hybrid with very good gray leaf spot tolerance, staygreen and standability.
2D599 is a 106-day SmartStax® REFUGE ADVANCED® hybrid with excellent early season vigor making it a good choice for reduced tillage and no-till systems. 2D599 is a consistent, high-yielding hybrid that is widely adapted across soil types and environments.
2C649 is a 108-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid featuring good tolerance to gray leaf spot with excellent late-season plant health and standability. 2C649 has strong yield potential in high-yield environments.
2V779 is a 113-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid that offers very high yield potential at medium plant populations. 2V779 is a versatile, flex eared hybrid for a wide range of yield environments.
2C788 is a 114-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid that offers good late-season intactness, strong ear retention and very good tolerance to leaf blights. 2C788 is a high-yielding hybrid that performs best at medium to high plant populations.
2C799 is a 114-day SmartStax REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid with consistent, semi-flexible ears that generate very strong yield performance. 2C799 is widely adapted east to west across the central Corn Belt and offers good tolerance to gray leaf spot.
2Y767is a 114-day SmartStax® REFUGE ADVANCED® hybrid that provides very high yield potential on intensively managed acres. 2Y767 has very good tolerance to Goss’s wilt, northern and southern corn leaf blight.
“Our experienced agronomists and sales representatives are committed to help our growers with technical support and placement to get the most from their cropping acres,” King says. 
For more information about these new grain corn hybrids or other MYCOGEN® brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative, or visit
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Mycogen Seeds Adds 37 New Grain Corn Hybrids for 2014