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Mycogen Seeds Launches Hybrids with Enlist™ Trait to Meet Farmers’ Needs

Hybrids provide tolerance to Enlist Duo® herbicide for industry-leading weed control

For the 2017-18 season, the Mycogen® brand corn portfolio features more new, advanced genetics than ever before. Plus, for the first time, Mycogen brand hybrids include the Enlist trait so farmers have access to a more effective weed control program and options to help prevent future weed resistance.

Enlist corn hybrids provide tolerance to Enlist Duo® herbicide — a combination of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate — to help manage hard-to-control and herbicide-resistant weeds. Enlist Duo features Colex-D® technology, which enables near-zero volatility, minimized potential for physical drift, low odor and improved handling characteristics. The two modes of action in Enlist Duo, combined with a program approach, deliver control of weeds that would otherwise use crop moisture and nutrients and rob yield.

Farmers who’ve tried Mycogen brand hybrids with the Enlist trait as part of the stewarded launch are excited with the results they’ve seen. Learn more about their experiences by watching this video.

Hybrids available for the first time with the Enlist trait

New for next year, Mycogen Seeds offers 35 corn hybrids with the Enlist trait. The new Mycogen® Enlist hybrids also are available with Roundup Ready® Corn 2 technology, plus PowerCore® or SmartStax® trait technology, delivering best-in-class weed and insect control to help farmers protect the yield potential of Mycogen genetics.

Farmers are using weed control options that often require tank mixes of multiple herbicides, on average costing $17.52 per acre for a postemergence application. Farmers who plant Mycogen brand hybrids with the Enlist corn trait now can apply Enlist Duo as part of a weed control program that will be a more cost-effective solution.

Featured corn hybrids with the Enlist trait

  • MY01D86 — 101 RM: Widely adapted hybrid with consistent yield and reliable agronomics, including strong stalks, roots and late-season intactness.
  • MY04S86 — 104 RM: High-yielding hybrid with consistent performance across a wide range of soil types and environments.
  • MY05U06 — 105 RM: Widely adapted hybrid with excellent yield stability and wide east-to-west adaptation.
  • MY06R36 — 106 RM: Widely adapted hybrid for multiple soil types and environments with very good yield stability.
  • MY09V46 — 109 RM: High-yielding, widely adapted hybrid for a wide range of soil types and environments.

Farmers interested in the latest genetics, and finding the right fit for their acres, should contact a local Mycogen Seeds retailer, sales representative or agronomist, or visit To learn more about Mycogen brand hybrids with the Enlist trait, visit


Published on Tuesday, August 01, 2017