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American Grown: It’s more than just farming

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The following was written by Jason Dodd, Mycogen Seeds brand leader. An Iowa native raised in a farming community, Dodd shares his thoughts on what it means to be American Grown.

There’s a certain level of nostalgia that comes with farming. While the industry has changed tenfold throughout the last several decades, there is still an undeniable sense of pride and honor in farming.

At Mycogen Seeds, and in the seed industry, things are changing and evolving too. When I worked at an ag retailer in Iowa running a spray rig and selling seed, I would have never thought scouting fields would be done with drones or that we’d spend as much time sitting at a computer as walking fields to make seed purchasing decisions. But things are changing.

However, one thing remains the same: Farmers still carry the same values as previous generations.

Farmers really are American Grown.

  • Keeping communities alive. They are dedicated to their communities; whether that’s serving their local co-op or school boards, or volunteering in their church or local organizations. Farmers spend time and resources to help rural communities thrive. Farmers support the local economy by employing neighbors to work at the farm, patronizing local businesses and working with local ag retailers.
  • Dedicated to family. Farmers are more than farmers; they are fathers, mothers, cousins and grandparents. Their children ride in tractors at planting or harvest or help get daily chores done. And farmers’ dedication to their family doesn’t end on the farm. They are 4-H leaders, youth sport coaches and more. They are the parents who show up to ballgames directly from the field, with pliers still on their belts and jeans dirty from a long day’s work, just to make it in time to watch their child at bat.
  • Investing in the future. We often hear farmers want to leave the land better than the generation before. And it’s true. By investing in new technologies to increase efficiencies, farmers sustainably prepare their farms and land for the next generation. Because at the end of the day, it’s about a legacy and a future for their family.

As a small-town Iowa boy, I grew up with a great deal of respect for farmers. I spent much of my youth working on farms before deciding to follow a career in agriculture. Now, as the brand leader of Mycogen Seeds, I couldn’t be prouder to work for an organization and seed brand that values farmers as much as I do. As a seed brand, we also couldn’t be prouder to work with retail partners who are equally invested in seeing farmers succeed.

We all — farmers, ag retailers and Mycogen — have the same goals of keeping communities alive, building stronger relationships and investing in the future of agriculture. As a U.S.-based company, we are proud to be American Grown.   

American Grown: It’s more than just farming

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