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Fight back with foliar fungicides.

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Warm, moist conditions from July to September can cause increased disease incidence in corn. Recent studies have show potential economic benefits from foliar fungicide applications. Fungicide treatments can give protective or curative benefits for corn diseases such as: gray leaf spot, common rust, eyespot and antracnose. These diseases can limit photosynthesis due to tissue death. Loss of leaf tissue also may result in grain production loss or harvest loss due to weakened stalk strength and harvestability issues.

Factors to Consider

  • Characteristics of hybrids planted
  • Disease pressure present in the field
  • Severity of disease
  • Current condition and yield potential of the crop
  • Current weather conditions
  • Harvest timing for particular fields
Table 1. Primary fungicides for foliar disease control in field corn.

Action Plan

  1. Review records. Reference planting records and field maps to determine which hybrids and/or fields would benefit most from a fungicide application.
  2. Determine harvest schedules. Some fields may be harvested later to allow for in-field drying or to address storage issues. Corn treated with fungicides typically has better standability than untreated corn.
  3. Scout fields. Understand the crop’s condition and determine disease pressures that are present.
  4. Select a fungicide. Consult your local crop protection adviser to discuss the best product option for the specific field situation. (See Table 1 for fungicide options.) He or she may recommend a protective or curative fungicide, depending on the severity of the disease.
  5. Apply properly. Schedule fungicide applications for the best product performance and crop safety, and follow all label instructions.


Foliar fungicide applications in corn can provide economic benefit. This benefit can vary based on hybrid, timing of application, severity of disease pressure and weather conditions. Consult your local crop protection retailer to discuss product choices, application timing and benefits of use. For more information, contact your local Mycogen Seeds customer agronomist or trusted agronomic adviser.

Fight back with foliar fungicides.

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