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Simplify achieving higher whole-farm yield potential.

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Producers who plant insect-traited corn are required to manage refuges to preserve Bt technology. With so many trait options, following refuge management guidelines has become more complicated. SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® available in Mycogen® brand hybrids simplifies achieving higher whole-farm yield potential by making refuge management easier. Refuge Advanced ensures refuge compliance in the Corn Belt1 with a blend of 95 percent SmartStax seeds and 5 percent non-insect-traited refuge seeds in one bag.

Factors to Consider

  • Insect pressure
  • Trait packages
  • Refuge guidelines
  • Planning refuge acres
  • Planting refuge
  • Advantage of reduced refuge

Action Plan

  1. Determine crop plan. Planning for a new crop season can be time-consuming.
    Refuge Advanced reduces the number of steps growers need to take to maximize whole-farm yield potential, makes planning easier, and simplifies record-keeping for farm management and compliance reporting. Save time with Refuge Advanced by not having to clean out seed in planter boxes, handle insecticide boxes or plant a separate refuge.
  2. Select hybrids. Select the best genetics that meet the agronomic needs of your fields and combine that with the best trait package to maximize yield potential and protect against yield-robbing insects. With Refuge Advanced, there is no need to purchase additional refuge hybrids. Additionally, the refuge hybrid in the bag was selected to match key agronomic characteristics of the SmartStax hybrid it is blended with.
  3. Consider agronomic factors. A proprietary blending process ensures that refuge seed and SmartStax seed are evenly distributed in the bag and, therefore, in the field. Consistent blending prevents formation of “hot spots,” or large clusters of refuge plants in one area. The refuge component is subject to the same high-quality standards as SmartStax seed for consistent germination, even emergence and excellent stand establishment.
  4. Comply with refuge requirements. Acres planted to SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® protect Bt technology by allowing Bt-susceptible insects to feed and breed with potentially resistant insects of the same type, thus helping to prevent resistance. With Refuge Advanced, planting a refuge is as simple as pouring the seed into the planter and heading to the field. Multiple modes of action in SmartStax allowed a 5 percent refuge in the Corn Belt.2 Several years of testing with SmartStax have demonstrated that a refuge-in-the-bag product like Refuge Advanced is an effective refuge strategy for preventing the development of insect resistance to Bt technology. Growers planting Bt-traited products other than Refuge Advanced must plant a separate structured refuge to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-mandated refuge requirements or risk losing access to the technology.


Refuge Advanced® offered by Mycogen Seeds is a convenient single-bag solution with no separate refuge required in the Corn Belt1. Combining high-yielding SmartStax® hybrids that deliver the broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground insect protection through multiple modes of action with high-quality refuge seed, SmartStax Refuge Advanced simplifies achieving higher whole-farm yield potential.

For more information, contact your local Mycogen Seeds commercial agronomist or trusted agronomic adviser.

Simplify achieving higher whole-farm yield potential.

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