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The results are in: Unified™ corn silage helps deliver performance and profitability

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New farm trial results for Mycogen® brand Unified™ corn silage with SilaSoft™ technology show the advantages can extend beyond improved digestibility and include significant feed cost savings and profit potential.

Unified corn silage features the unique ability to combine the fiber digestibility of BMR hybrids with a softer, more digestible kernel. This allows dairy cows to break down additional starch and capture more energy from the same amount of feed.

Producer Trial Results
Mycogen Seeds launched Unified corn silage for the 2017 planting season and tracked results of the new line of hybrids with seven dairy farms across the country. Participating farmers planted Unified corn silage in 2017 and used it in rations in late 2017 and into 2018. Each farm worked with its nutritionist and Mycogen team to manage feeding trials and monitor results as they fed Unified corn silage.

Unified corn silage was fed to controlled groups in comparison to Mycogen brand BMR for a 90-day trial. The combined seven herds showed an average gain of 2.86 pounds of energy-corrected milk (ECM) per cow per day and 3.75% improvement in feed efficiency.

Real Profit on Western New York Dairy
A dairy in western New York incorporated Unified corn silage into its ration and recognized the benefit to the bottom line. The following data show positive results of feeding Unified corn silage compared with a conventional corn silage over a four-month period.

1Dollar value is calculated using Feb. 2019 milk component pricing in the Northeast

Based on trial results, the diet formulation of Unified corn silage resulted in a savings of $0.15 per cow per day. When combined with profit potential from ECM, the two groups generated an extra $1.01 to $1.83 per cow per day when feeding Unified corn silage. 

Koepke Farms in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has fed Mycogen brand BMR corn silage for the past decade and showed a 3.5-pound ECM advantage when feeding Unified compared with cows fed BMR. For every 100 lbs. of ECM, Unified corn silage improved income over feed cost up to $0.48 per cow per day.

High-quality corn silage starts with top of the line genetics. Producers interested in learning more about Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology should talk with their local Mycogen Seeds dealer, sales representative or nutritionist, or visit

The results are in: Unified™ corn silage helps deliver performance and profitability

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