Relentlessly Dedicated To You

We’re committed to helping you advance your fields. We don’t want you to just reach your goals; we want you to exceed them. It’s why we’re one of the few companies in the world to develop both genetics and traits. It’s why we have more than 30 trait and seed innovations and more than 1 million test plots. We don’t just talk about making your yield better — we help you make it happen. Watch the video and see what’s possible with our dedication and support on your side.

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We never settle.

Farming isn’t a 9 to 5. Neither is our job. We’re not afraid of a challenge and we don’t back down. We thrive on problem-solving and we support you throughout each season.

We work as a team.

Our Mycogen Seeds team strives to know and understand your acres and needs. We work hard and smart to tirelessly serve your farm as if it were our own.

We find new opportunities.

We are there acre after acre, taking on the toughest challenges and always working to help you improve your yield and profit.

Results Driven

We don’t just talk about making your yield better; we help you make it happen. As one of the few companies in the world to develop both genetics and traits, including the world’s first Bt corn, we take advancing your fields seriously. Currently, we have the most robust product pipeline of trait and seed innovations in our history. And we’re eager to use this technology to help you do better acre after acre.

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