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Mycogen Seeds is the first company to breed corn hybrids specifically for corn silage. After 25 years of experience, our BMR and TMF hybrids are bred, tested and proven for fiber digestibility and tonnage — to help you maximize milk production and dairy profitability.

bm3 BMR Hybrids

Mycogen® brand bm3 BMR hybrids are bred for maximum digestibility and more milk per cow per day. They can help you feed less grain and reduce feed costs. Learn more >

TMF Hybrids

Mycogen® brand TMF hybrids are bred to produce high yields of higher-quality corn silage — with more digestible tonnage than dual-purpose corn hybrids. Learn more >

Coming This Fall: An Unmatched Combination of Fiber and Starch Digestibility

The latest product in the Mycogen brand silage portfolio is the first corn silage to combine unmatched fiber digestibility with highly digestible starch — delivering more efficiency, more milk and more profit potential. Learn more >


It all comes down to the bottom line: how using bm3 BMR Corn Silage seed improves profitability.

These calculators give you an idea of the potential benefits for your operation.


Uses three basic production inputs and industry standard expenses to calculate ROI.

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Enter herd, feed, acreage, and crop expense data for your operation for customized ROI and IOFC projections.

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From planting to feeding, forage-focused experts from Mycogen Seeds can help you get the most yield performance and milk.
  • Our commercial agronomists have the knowledge and industry experience to help you select, grow and successfully harvest the right BMR or TMF hybrids — with the latest traits and a wide range of maturities to match your specific needs.
  • Our nutritionists can help you formulate and manage rations for the best results. Based on one-on-one farm visits, our nutrition team makes recommendations based on your operation and can help with forage testing best practices to help you understand the nutritional value of your corn silage.

You're passionate about what you do. Mycogen Seeds is passionate about helping you do it more profitably.


Protect your valuable corn silage acres from insects, weeds, nitrogen loss and diseases by choosing from the leading crop protection products from Dow AgroSciences. Learn more >