Unmatched combination of fiber and starch digestibility
Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology is the latest product in the Mycogen® brand silage portfolio — delivering more efficiency, more milk and more profit potential.


It’s the first of a kind, with a unique combination of unparalleled fiber digestibility and highly digestible starch.


This revolutionary product performs better in rations. Initial feeding studies indicate a feed efficiency increase of 7 percent over conventional hybrids.1


More milk means a better bottom line. Unified corn silage has demonstrated an average of 10.1 pounds more energy-corrected milk per cow per day over conventional hybrids, and it showed a 7% improvement in butterfat and a 13% increase in protein.1

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What grows out of being relentless

This breakthrough is the result of more than 20 years of dedicated silage breeding. It’s what happens when an entire team — researchers, agronomists, sales representatives, nutritionists and our resellers — is dedicated to finding new solutions that help dairy producers succeed. And through our search for something better, we’ve come up with Unified, which provides a breakthrough combination of unmatched fiber digestibility with highly digestible starch.

More Fiber Digestibility

Featuring up to 40 percent less lignin and an average fiber digestibility advantage of 8 to 15 percentage points higher when compared with conventional hybrids, Unified allows for greater dry matter intake (DMI), higher milk production and improved feed efficiency.

More Digestible Starch

Unified hybrids are unique to the market because they include SilaSoft, which delivers a soft kernel with more available and easily digestible starch. Starch is a key component to a dairy cow’s diet. More digestible starch enables feed efficiency by providing the cow more energy and enabling her to produce more milk while using the same amount of corn silage.

Now we’re going to have a digestible plant with a more digestible ear, and it’s all focused on the success of a dairy farm. And I love that.”

— Ron Gibson, Dairy Producer, Utah


Hear from the producers who tested this new corn silage in their own fields and see why they’re excited about what it will bring to their operations.

A producer’s experience from field to feeding

Real innovation with real results on the farm

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1Remick, E. M., et al. 2016. A novel bm3 corn silage hybrid with floury kernel genetics improves lactational performance and feed efficiency in Holstein cows. asas.confex.com/asas/jam2016/webprogram/Paper16530.html