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Mycogen® brand BMR hybrids

Get more digestibility.

Mycogen® brand BMR hybrids deliver industry-leading fiber digestibility so you can feed a high-quality and high-forage diet for more milk production and higher income over feed costs.

Higher Fiber Digestibility

Higher fiber digestibility gives your cows the potential for greater dry matter intake (DMI), increased milk production and, ultimately, efficiency with a high-forage diet.

Increased Profitability

Improved DMI and fiber digestibility points your herd toward improved income over feed cost (IOFC) and return on investment (ROI) with Mycogen® brand BMR silage hybrids.

Research-Backed Results

Mycogen brand silage hybrids are backed by more than 20 university and third-party trials, so you can make decisions based on performance and results.

We feed Mycogen for the most digestible forage.
— Colin Russell, Hilmar, CA
We feed Mycogen becuase they have a team of experts to work with.
— Doug Dotterer, Mill Hall, PA
We feed Mycogen because
it’s just great feed.
— Jerry Stockman, Adams, NY
We feed Mycogen for
better digestibility.
— Trevor Baier, Elmwood, WI
We feed Mycogen for a
higher forage diet.
— David Smithgall, Perry, NY
We feed Mycogen because the numbers don’t lie.
— Shawn Bossard, Morrisville, NY