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Mycogen® brand TMF hybrids

Silage Tonnage and Quality

Easy To Grow

Mycogen brand TMF hybrids are easy to grow and perform well in the field. These tall hybrids look good in the field and produce well-developed ears and long, wide leaves for more total dry matter per acre.

Flexible options

Forage growers have more options with Mycogen brand TMF hybrids. TMF hybrids are a great option for silage, but they also offer the flexibility to be harvested as high-moisture corn, earlage or grain. You can select Mycogen brand TMF hybrids with a variety of maturities and trait options to meet your needs.

More feed value

In third-party in-vitro tests, Mycogen brand TMF hybrids provided a 4 percent advantage in neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFD) compared with corn silage from dual-purpose corn hybrids. Mycogen brand TMF hybrids make a high-quality feed for dairy heifers, milking cows, dry cows and beef cattle.

We feed Mycogen for the most digestible forage.
— Doug Dotterer, Mill Hall, PA