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Traits and Technology

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  • Medium-early hybrid that produces bronze grain on a semi-compact head.
  • Very well-adapted to both dryland and irrigated production practices.
  • Larger planting seed size and excellent early vigor make it suitable for early planting into cooler soils.
  • Wide north-to-south adaptation makes it a good companion to 627.
Management Guidelines

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Product Ratings
7-9 Good 4-6 Fair 1-3 Poor

Management Guidelines

  • Excellent for dryland or irrigated production.
  • Wide area of adaptation from the southern tier of counties in South Dakota to central Kansas and out to eastern Colorado.
  • Especially adapted to no-till, minimum or conservation tillage.
  • Excellent seedling vigor.
  • Larger planting seed size.
  • Determine soil fertility needs using current soil tests.
  • Scout for greenbug infestations due to limited greenbug tolerance.
  • Cruiser® seed-applied insecticide is a good option to help control greenbug.