Alfalfa Variety
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Traits and Technology

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Separate Refuge Requirements

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  • A high yielding fall dormancy 5 variety for aggressive managers.
  • Features a 1.0 winter survival rating, a complete disease package, and resistance to stem nematode.
  • A tall showy variety with average recovery after harvest for eastern and Midwestern dairymen or western commercial growers.
Management Guidelines

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Product Ratings
7-9 Good 4-6 Fair 1-3 Poor
Management Traits
Cuttings Per Season4 or >
Fall Dormancy
Forage Quality
Forage Yield
Maturity to Early Flower
Multifoliate Leaf ExpressionLow MF
Recovery After Harvest
Disease Traits
AnthracnoseHighly Resistant
Aphanomyces Race 1Highly Resistant
Aphanomyces Race 2Moderately Resistant
Bacterial WiltHighly Resistant
Disease Index33
Fusarium WiltHighly Resistant
Phytophthora Root RotHighly Resistant
Verticillium WiltHighly Resistant
Insect Traits
Northern Root Knot NematodeNot Available
Pea AphidNot Available
Spotted Alfalfa AphidNot Available
Stem NematodeResistant

Management Guidelines

  • 4A545 is adapted to all U.S. production zones where fall dormancy 4, 5 or 6 alfalfas are normally recommended for hay or haylage. Best adapted to 28-30 day cutting schedules (by one-tenth flower) to maximize milk per acre.
  • Optimal harvest timing medium early maturity to one-tenth flower.
  • At harvest maturity look for tall showy plants, medium sized stems and a dense canopy of large, medium green leaves.
  • Excellent yield stability under 4 or 5 cut harvest systems and productivity into the later years of the stand.