Alfalfa Variety
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Traits and Technology

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  • Features the msSunstra® hybrid alfalfa Technology to produce a uniform and high-quality forage.
  • Features a wide-spectrum multiple-pest resistance package for dependable performance over a wide range of soil types and growing conditions.
  • Highly resistant to stem and northern root knot nematodes to provide reliable field performance for western producers.
Management Guidelines

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Product Ratings
7-9 Good 4-6 Fair 1-3 Poor
Management Traits
Cuttings Per Season4 or >
Fall Dormancy
Forage Quality
Forage Yield
Maturity to Early Flower
Multifoliate Leaf ExpressionTrifoliate
Recovery After Harvest
Disease Traits
AnthracnoseHighly Resistant
Aphanomyces Race 1Highly Resistant
Aphanomyces Race 2Highly Resistant
Bacterial WiltHighly Resistant
Disease Index30
Fusarium WiltHighly Resistant
Phytophthora Root RotHighly Resistant
Verticillium WiltHighly Resistant
Insect Traits
Northern Root Knot NematodeHighly Resistant
Pea AphidHighly Resistant
Spotted Alfalfa AphidNot Available
Stem NematodeHighly Resistant

Management Guidelines

  • Adapted across all northern U.S. production zones where alfalfa with fall dormancy of 3, 4 or 5 are normally recommended; best suited to 30- to 32-day cutting schedule to maximize milk production per acre.
  • Recommended planting rate to ensure full production as pure alfalfa stands: 16 to 18 pounds per acre; reduce pounds when seeding as a component in cool-season grass mixtures.
  • Excellent seedling vigor scores for rapid stand establishment, which is especially important for late-summer seedings.
  • Medium to medium-late days to one-tenth flower maturity.
  • At harvest maturity look for a very uniform medium plant height and a leafy trifoliate canopy of medium green leaves on a fine stem.
  • Average recovery after harvest.