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Traits and Technology

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Separate Refuge Requirements

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  • The industry standard for medium-early hybrids.
  • Medium-height hybrid with light bronze grain and a very uniform top line.
  • Widely adapted with excellent standability under a wide range of conditions.
  • Combines resistance to biotypes C, E, I and K greenbugs with high-yielding genetics.
Management Guidelines

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Product Ratings
7-9 Good 4-6 Fair 1-3 Poor

Management Guidelines

  • Determine soil fertility needs using current soil tests.
  • Adapted to all tillage practices.
  • Excellent for dryland or irrigated production.
  • Maturity lengthens in high-altitude growing areas.
  • Very good plant health throughout the growing season.
  • Top yields.
  • Moderate adaptation to high-pH soils.
  • For best emergence, plant in warm soil conditions.