Sunflower Hybrid
57 RM
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  • Very early maturing, shorter height, High-Oleic hybrid with CLEARFIELD® herbicide technology.
  • Perfect hybird for douple crop plantings as far north as South Dakota and Normal or delayed planting in North Dakota
  • Premium oil content for the oil market and good test weight for bird seed markets
  • Very early, shorter-stature high-oleic hybrid with very good stalk quality that delivers outstanding yield for maturity.
Management Guidelines

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Product Ratings
7-9 Good 4-6 Fair 1-3 Poor
Flowering Uniformity
Oil Content
Premature Ripening
Root Quality
Self Compatibility
Stalk Quality
Test Weight
Maturity Traits
Days to Flowering57
Days to Physiological Maturity87
Maturity Group
Management Traits
Suitability - Delay Planting
Suitability - Solid Seedling
Disease and Insect Traits
Downy Mildew ResistancePl 6
MidgeNot Rated
Sclerotinia Head RotNot Rated
Sclerotinia Stalk RotNot Rated
VerticilliumNot Rated

Management Guidelines

  • For best stand establishment, seed is treated with CruiserMaxx® Sunflower, a fungicide and insecticide treatment; always follow label directions for safe handling.
  • Stand establishment is important. Maintain planters in optimum condition. Monitor planting depth. It is preferred to plant 1.5 inches deep and into at least 0.5 inch of moisture. Seed may be planted 2.5 inches deep, but expect delayed emergence and reduced stands.
  • Plant during an acceptable planting window for your area; be sure the hybrid maturity rating is appropriate for the planting date.
  • Under no-till practices, increase plant populations by 5 percent to 10 percent versus conventional till management.
  • Growers should monitor fields for insect pests and use appropriate insecticides if needed; the economic threshold is dependent upon infestation, pesticide cost and crop value.
  • Sunflowers should be harvested in a timely manner; harvesting below 10 percent moisture reduces marketable yield and increases the chance for combine fires.
  • Developed to be used with the CLEARFIELD® Production System — CLEARFIELD hybrids are tolerant to applications of BEYOND® herbicide; follow label directions for growth stages and application rates.
  • Oleic levels generally are enhanced by warm temperatures during seed fill; if planting of a high-oleic hybrid is delayed or replanting is necessary, an earlier-maturing, high-oleic sunflower suitable for the shortened growing season is recommended.