TMF2Q419 Traits and Technology
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SmartStax® utilizes multiple modes of action to provide the broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground corn insect control with reduced refuge requirements of only 5 percent in the Corn Belt and only 20 percent in the Cotton Belt. By allowing growers to plant a higher percent of their acres to high-yielding insect-traited hybrids, SmartStax helps farmers maximize whole-farm yield potential.

LibertyLink® Herbicide Resistance

Hybrids containing the LibertyLink® trait are tolerant to over-the-top applications of Liberty® herbicide for powerful weed control.

Roundup Ready® 2

Roundup Ready® Corn 2 hybrids from Mycogen Seeds are tolerant to over-the-top applications of glyphosate herbicide for broad-spectrum postemergence control of more than 145 annual and perennial weeds. With a wide in-crop application window and proven performance, Roundup Ready Corn 2 hybrids deliver high yield potential.

Refuge Advanced®

Refuge Advanced®, a convenient, single-bag solution for refuge compliance, requires no separate refuge in the Corn Belt* — because the refuge is in the bag. Just pour it into the planter, and Refuge Advanced meets the Insect Resistance Management corn refuge requirements on acres where it is planted in the Corn Belt.