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Corn Products
2355AM RM 113


  • High yield potential in a hybrid best suited for eastern Corn Belt.
  • Solid agronomic package including stalks and roots.
  • Optimum performance observed when positioned on moderate to high yield environments.
  • Maintain moderate plant densities to compliment flex ear type.
  • In areas with heavy gray leaf spot, a fungicide is recommended.
  • Keep east of I-35 to manage greensnap risk.


Highly Suitable - Key Strength
Suitable - Meets Standards
Caution - Manage Appropriately
Strong Caution - Limitation
Rating Not Available


Anthracnose Stalk RotManage Appropriately

Diplodia Ear Rot

Fusarium Ear RotManage Appropriately

Gibberella Ear Rot

Goss's Wilt

Gray Leaf SpotManage Appropriately

Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Southern Corn Leaf Blight

Southern Corn RustManage Appropriately

Soil Adaptability

Clay Soils

Poorly Drained Soils

Sandy SoilsManage Appropriately


Cob ColorPink

Ear FlexFull

Ear HeightHigh

Physiological Maturity GDUs2700.000

Plant HeightTall

Silk GDUs1420.000

Crop Rotation

Continuous CornManage Appropriately



Delayed HarvestManage Appropriately

Early Planting

Late Planting


Drought ToleranceManage Appropriately

Green Snap

High pH Soil Tolerance

Husk CoverManage Appropriately

Root Strength

Stalk Strength


Stress Emergence

Test Weight

Silage Quality

Fiber Digestibility

Starch Content

Starch Digestibility

Fungicide Response

High Fungicide Response

Population Recommendation

High PopulationManage Appropriately

Low Population

Moderate Population

Very High Population

Very Low Population

Yield Environments

Highly Productive

Low/StressManage Appropriately