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Sunflowers Products
MY8H400E 68.000 Days to Flowering


  • ExpressSun hybrid with high yield potential and strong disease package.
  • High-oleic hybrid that is well suited for the birdfood market
  • Features sound stalks and roots, and excellent test weight.
  • Strong overall disease including excellent tolerance to Downy Mildew and Phompsis.
  • Optimal performance with moderate plant densities, especially in high yield environments.
Highly Suitable - Key Strength
Suitable - Meets Standards
Caution - Manage Appropriately
Strong Caution - Limitation
Rating Not Available


Cold Emergence

Drought Tolerance


Flowering Uniformity

Root Strength

Self Compatibility

Stalk Strength

Test Weight


Days to Flowering68.000

Grain ColorBlack

Plant Height5.000


Desiccation for early harvest

Early PlantingManage Appropriately

No Till

Soil Adaptability

Drought Prone Soils

Heavy Clay Soils

Irrigated Soils

No Till Soils

Poorly Drained SoilsManage Appropriately

Population Recommendation

High (Population Recommendatio...

Low (Population Recommendation...

Moderate (Population Recommend...

Very High (Population Recommen...

Very Low (Population Recommend...

Oil Characteristics

High Oleic Profile

Oil Content

Yield Environments

Highly Productive


Disease Prone Environments


Sclerotinia Head Rot

Sclerotinia Root Rot